St Luke’s leaflets – a different approach

St Luke’s indie leaflet

Make your voice heard1 –   my first leaflet for St Lukes

Labour’s St Luke voice

Newsletter1   – Jason Pilley (Green)

So, the first 4 leaflets have gone out in the battle for St Luke’s votes.

Now is about the time when normally a politician would start to nitpick over each other’s leaflets and criticising them and believe me, i have studied both of the other leaflets hard! But I started this campaign determined to be positive (whether you like my leaflet or not, i hope you will note that i havent attacked anyone else in it) and so this should continue with my blog.

This isnt easy and i am really tempted to let fly particularly at the Independent leaflet but instead I shall simply place all 4 leaflets in the one place so that the residents (and interested political anoraks!) can look at and compare and contrast all 4 leaflets. Obviously i hope you will be persuaded to vote for me once you have read my leaflet but i shall leave it there.

Enjoy reading.


4 thoughts on “St Luke’s leaflets – a different approach

  1. Reblogged this on SCRAP and commented:
    Del Thomas seems to be that most paradoxical of creatures: a decent Tory. Hopefully he’ll soon realise that a man cannot simultaneously serve society and serve a political ideology which asserts “there is no such thing as society” – but in the meantime, here he’s handily collected the various political leaflets that have started going out in St. Luke’s ward:

  2. A suggestion, if I may, Del: it makes for much easier reading if you re-save the .doc leaflets as PDF. Most browsers these days have inbuilt PDF readers, and it means you don’t have to open a separate programme 🙂

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