Underpaid and over scrutinized – it’s tough being a St Luke’s Independent

Hi all,


So i have been speaking to one of the candidates in the St Luke’s ward and they shared some interesting information.

You may or may not be aware of a previous posting by Labour activist and Council candidate Matthew Dent. It is shown here and there are links to previous blogs on that subject there.  Basically Cllr Brian Ayling  (hopefully not after May) claimed that he was not paid enough money and that rather than face a reduction in his allowance that instead he should have an increase on his allowance at a time when he voted for 4 full time mental health nurses to be fired.

Now understandably he was upset but he and his fellow St Luke’s colleagues feel so upset about this that they have threatened to leave the Coalition, sorry Joint Administration unless Labour make Matthew Dent either take down his post or apologise.

I understand that people don’t appreciate being pasted over public blogs but he made those comments in the council chamber at a public meeting. His words are then able to be scrutinized.  Furthermore throwing your toys out of your pram when someone criticizes you is hardly the action of someone who holds so much sway over the public purse strings.

Alongside the flip flopping of Cllr Aylen’s chairmanship of the Bus Working Party and the resignation of Cllrs Aylen and Dr Vel from the Independent Party and also the soon to be sacking (oops i mean resignation to concentrate on the PCC) of Cllr Terry it is a rocky few weeks for the chairmanship of the Great and Glorious leader who doesnt have `mushroom` to manoeuvre in.