Southend’s hangover – A black day for Southend

So the local elections are over. The electorate has had their fun and poked their tongue out at mainstream parties. They have voted UKIP/independent party. It is just like going out and overdoing it, at the time it seems exciting and fun but the next day you wake up with a stinking headache and feeling ill. When the realisation that they are now stuck with some of the councillors for 4 years it will feel exactly like that.

My biggest fear is now that we have no overall control in the council that we end up with a UKIP/Independent minority council. There are many possible connatations, I will discuss some of them below;

The Conservatives could ally with either Labour or Lib Dems. This would be interesting bed companions and i suspect that they would only do this to prevent a UKIP/Indie Party minority. Given how opposed they have been in the chamber then this would be uncomfortable.

We could have the Indies/UKIP/Lab/Lib coalition. I dont think this will happen as the Libs and the Independents are at war and I am not sure Labour would support the Indies/UKIP.

Indie/UKIP coalition. They would tear each other apart although having promised to help save everything in their ward with the harshest of the budget cuts to come then surely this would contradict their promises. 

WInners and Losers from the count


UKIP with 5 extra seats they are the most obvious winners tonight. What will they do with this power, who know

Independent They won 4 seats in the east and although they lost one in the West they would still consider this a good return

Labour Although they must be hurting at not winning Kursaal at least they won 3 seats and retained 1 tonight.



Conservatives – the expected huge losses throughout the town happened tonight

St Lukes – we now are completely controlled by the Independent Party

Lib Dems – they lost 4 seats tonight and their vote (apart from in Leigh) was annihilated.


However the biggest losers were Southend residents and it is only this morning as they are waking up for the morning after the night before that they will realise this. 



4 thoughts on “Southend’s hangover – A black day for Southend

  1. I can’t see a Labour/Conservative coalition. Our candidates stood on a platform of opposition to Conservative policy. Similarly with a rainbow coalition against the Tories, I strongly suspect there is too big a gulf between too many parties.

    I suspect a minority administration, either UKIP/Indie (I overheard negotiations starting at the count…) or Tory/Lib Dem. Neither of which will give particularly stable government.

  2. i agree, but do you think labour would sign up to a memorandum of understanding in which they promise to support a budget and choice of leader to prevent ukip/indie and get some concessions in return and then be able to do freely on all other council business?

  3. i personally think that indie/ukip will be the outcome and to be honest with the cuts that need to come in this year, it could hamstring their campaigns for next year.

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