Some truth from an Independent Party candidate (and a lot of lies)

ImageAt last it seems that a member of the Independent Party is finally able to tell some resemblence of the truth. In amongst a lot of untruths Caroline’s election address finally admits that the Independent Group is official. Just like the Conservative group is official and the Labour group is official. Or in other words they are a political party!

I found it very interesting to read this leaflet and will go onto to dissect it in a little bit but what is most interesting is that nowhere in the leaflet does it tell me what ideas Caroline has or what she wants to do apart from get a permanent health centre which unsurprisingly is something all the candidates say that they want to happen!!

Her opening paragraph tells me that shock horror, there is another independent standing! It then goes on to ask why are there two independent candidates and answers it in the next breath by saying anyone can stand as an independent! They also attack ABC (not on the pure silliness of using his initials to be top of the ballot paper –  does this mean if elected he would have to be called Councillor ABC?) on the basis that he used to be a Conservative candidate. This may be true but for the past three elections he has stood as an Independent and correct me if I am wrong but arent Dr Vel, Martin Terry and Anne Chalk all ex Labour councillors or candidates so should people not vote for them next time and even worse didnt Brian Ayling (one of the independent group’s current councillors in St Lukes) stand for the Lib Dems? Does this mean they will encourage us not to vote for him in 2016?

It does make me laugh when it mentions the fact that Paul and Brian have made great differences due to greater scrutiny and more debate as they never say anything in the chamner! So who they are debating with is unknown?  Of course if you saw their performance in this year’s budget vote you would know that they are actually debating with each other!

It then goes on to claim Julian Ware Lane has said Labour cannot win St Lukes and then showed a table where Julian Ware Lane says nothing of the sort!

Then on the back page with a lot of white space, they claim to have lobbied and made sure the children’s centres stayed open. I am sure the Labour group would have something to say about that as I know Ian Gilbert campaigned on that heavily.

They then claim to have helped retain the Temple Police Station. This is a downright lie. It was retained due to a local petition signed by 1000 residents. This petition was organised by the then Councillor Peter Ashley and was supported by his wife and another dashing young chap. What was interesting about this was that Paul and Brian were going around the Cluny Square area telling people not to sign the petition as it was not only a waste of time but that it would damage the efforts to keep it open.

They claim to have saved the local libraries, really? They were never under threat of closure and will now be run by volunteers – how have they saved them?

Finally I am no expert on imprints but that imprint doesnt look legal to me although I may be wrong.


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